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Calling all “Slash/Marketers.” You know who you are.

You came to your organization thinking you were going to be doing one thing and ended up handling social, designing, writing copy and updating the website…Most likely on top of your current job.

Now you have to be an expert at things you never expected to be doing. So, we created Nonprofit Toolkit to help you do just that.

Every month we teach a Master Class to build your skills in the kind of marketing most needed in schools, associations, healthcare, arts and culture and other nonprofit organizations. If your job is to attract the right people and inspire them to sign up, get involved and give back — then you are in the right place.

Whether your background is development, programs or something totally different — our classes are perfect for people who need to learn how to make solid marketing decisions and deliver great results. Especially if you have limited time, budget and tools.

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Making, Managing and Marketing a Podcast

Master Classes mix big picture strategic ideas with practical tools and tactics so you learn both how to do something — and why. You’ll build your expertise through topics like:

Learn all of this and more from our Master Classes!
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Business-focused marketing classes aren’t always helpful for nonprofit communicators. Sure, we all use the same tools, but most businesses don’t fundraise, have members or volunteers. You need to inspire people to show up, stick around and give back again and again. Your marketing needs to create a supporter — not just a consumer.

We get that you don’t always have fat budgets and fancy tools. Our classes incorporate ways to get great results no matter what, whether you have Adobe, Office or need to find something free.

Learn the design, writing and planning skills you need to become the marketing pro at your organization.

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